About Us

Who We Are

Mercy House began with a few community members who have been serving the homeless population of the tricounty area for many years and recognized a profound need in their community: a home where those who are experiencing homelessness can receive hospice services. These community members gathered in prayer and felt led to start an organization to serve this gap in their community. They have since added multiple members to their board, and they have collaborated with Bethel United Methodist Church for housing.

What We Do

Mercy House is a care home for those experiencing end-of-life and are needing a place to reside to receive hospice services. We provide a home, three meals per day, 24/7 supervision and care, and companionship through staff and volunteers. Mercy House partners with local hospice agencies who provide professional, end-of-life care.


Mercy House provides a safe, compassionate home for individuals facing end-of-life and are finding themselves without a support system.


To create a home to celebrate life and walk alongside individuals during their final journey. We wish to help fulfill the basic needs of those facing terminal illness and ensure they live their final days with dignity and respect.



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